Hi! Welcome! I love words and I exceed my quota every day so you might wanna grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair.

In 1999, back in the dinosaur ages, I married my complete opposite. He lived in a camper with a few mice as roommates in the middle of about 40 acres of pasture land smack-dab in the heart of the south, in good ‘ole Alabama. Over the years, we’ve added three kids to the mix, a snake, a squirrel, chimney birds, a few dogs, some ginormous rats, an entire family of mice all of whom, except the kids, are no longer with us. The only non-human in our home now is our crazy cat-dog, Beezus.

I need you to know right from the get-go that there’s nothing special about me, except Jesus. He alone is my lifeline. Without Him, I’d be deader than dead.

I grew up with a front row seat to the church world. I could navigate through it blindfolded walking backwards in heels. I don’t remember a time growing up that I wasn’t, in some form or fashion, involved in church. My dad is a pastor, so as a “PK” I was always front and center, dressed in my Sunday best. Many would say that being the preacher’s kid would give one an inside scoop to the things of God, and on many levels it did, but it also filled my head with mere facts about God. I learned early on to do church instead of to be in relationship with God.

Religion was my best friend, performance my enemy, and emptiness of heart my daily wake up call. I lived life searching for anything that could fill the God-sized void that overshadowed my life; food, sex, alcohol, unhealthy relationships, serving in the church, and money were all vain attempts to fill the emptiness that plagued me.

My search for something to satisfy my unrelenting desire to feel “whole” led to nothing but great pain, deep guilt, heavy shame, and grievous bondage. Freedom greeted me on a November night in 2002, as God spoke Truth and healing to my soul while I sat in the pew of a church at a women’s event. Mrs. Margaret, the speaker for the event, spoke to the deepest places of my heart. Her love for Jesus and His Word fanned a flame of passion in my soul to know God intimately and purely and to feast on His life-transforming Word. God erased the prior knowledge I had of Him and the dangerous assumptions I made. He no longer allowed me to live solely on the regurgitated messages of others. He wanted me to learn Him on my own.

Through the pages of His living and active Word, God put an end to the faith I only portrayed on the surface by teaching me to d.i.v.e. deeper, to reach further, to press harder into relationship with His person. God taught me to live abundantly and freely in Him. Now, my heart’s desire is to fan a flame of passion in the hearts of others to d.i.v.e. deeper into God’s Word so they’re able to know the person of Jesus Christ, experience the joy of relationship with Him, and live life abundantly in Him.

I’m for you. Jesus is for you. You’re loved a whole heap of a lot here. Welcome to the place where the words in my head and my heart sometimes eke their way out into this wide-open space.

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Some of you came looking for the fancy bio. Fancy’s not my name but because I’m a (recovering) people pleaser, there’s some fancy words below.

Jenifer Jernigan loves her sisters in Christ with a compassion and faithfulness that inspires others to drop to their knees, to dive deeper into God’s Word, and to see their own potential through Jesus Christ in new and exciting ways.

She is real. She is honest. She is compassionate.

Above all, her love for the Lord is evident, her teaching of the text is challenging, and her devotion to the Truth is paramount. An avid student of the Word, Jenifer spends much of her time teaching and writing Bible studies. Her passion is to lead individuals of all ages to d.i.v.e. deeper into God’s Word equipping them to study the Scriptures for themselves instead of living off the regurgitated messages of someone else. Jenifer holds a degree in Christian Counseling. She is a contributing author to Where Moms Connect, a Bible study curriculum for moms, and If I Can Do All Things Through Christ…Why Can’t I Find My Car Keys?, a devotional for women. She has been featured on Atlanta LIVE, WBCL Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Lies Young Women Believe with Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Jenifer has been hailed as a fresh new voice in the world of Bible study with her first book, Dive Deeper: Finding Deep Faith Beyond Shallow Religion, an in-depth study of the book of Ephesians that equips its readers to study Scripture for themselves.

Jenifer and her husband, Chris, have three kids and a crazy loud home which they wouldn’t trade for anything, except maybe a delicious cup of coffee. She and Chris serve in the High School Ministry at their church in Wake Forest, North Carolina where they’re pouring into, encouraging, and raising up next generation leaders who are equipped to take the Gospel into their places.