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Equip yourself to fall deeply in love with God’s Word through this unique, interactive Bible study. Delving into the book of Ephesians, Dive Deeper is a tool for women—those who might be satisfied and content with their Bible study and for those who find themselves fearful or numb—to d.i.v.e.(define, investigate, visualize, embrace) deeper into the living and active Word of God. Dive Deeper comes from Jenifer Jernigan’s heart. As a preacher’s daughter, she grew up with some pretty heavy expectations to live up to. Jenifer found herself becoming numb to the things of God because the Bible stories were all too familiar. She longed to break through the serene surface of her safe place and d.i.v.e. deeper into scripture. She wanted to fall in love with the stories she knew so well. Over time, Jenifer learned to do just that. Her unique Bible study method is shared in this one-of-a-kind study. Dive Deeper takes readers by the hand and jumps with them into the exhilarating waters of Bible study.

Features include:

• Personal, easy-to-understand language

• Helpful tips for Bible study beginners

• Useful tools to encourage familiarity of the Bible, its contents, and study helps

• Scripture from the book of Ephesians

Watch Jenifer on Atlanta Live, WATC Atlanta’s 57 talking about Dive Deeper.

Our personal life-message is powerful, and often times, capable of changing our mind. But true and lasting change does not come from our mind; it comes from our heart. God’s Word is the only force powerful and loving enough to reach and change our heart. And this truth is exactly why I love this book—it is thick with God’s heart-changing Word. If we are not “diving deeper” with our Creator, we are not truly living! Jenifer’s passion for Scripture is evident as it reaches off the pages of this book and stimulates every sense. May we no longer settle for mediocre living—read this book and be transformed! ~Kasey Van Norman, Bestselling author of Named by God & Raw Faith, Bible Teacher, and Child Rescue Advocate; president of Kasey Van Norman Ministries & Licensed Counselor with Still Creek Ranch Child Rescue. Learn more at kaseyvannorman.org.

Jenifer Jernigan is a fresh new voice to the world of Bible study. If you’re looking to Dive Deeper, you’ll love this study! One thing is certain; Jenifer delivers what she promises. From the start, I was drawn right in. Not only did I enjoy Jenifer’s study, I enjoyed her. ~Tammie Head, Bible Teacher and Author of Duty or Delight

If you don’t want to run the risk of being overwhelmed and drenched by the waves of God’s grace and faithfulness, then don’t read this book. In Dive Deeper, Jenifer Jernigan beckons us to explore beyond the comfortable and familiar surface to discover the depths of God’s character as revealed in His Word. Plumb the depths of this book of Ephesians and develop the skills to study the Bible for yourself. It’s not for the faint of heart but for those who desire faithful hearts. ~Heather Zempel, Author of Sacred Roads, Community is Messy, and Amazed and Confused, Discipleship Pastor at National Community Church

Dive Deeper gives you a fresh look at God’s Word and creates opportunities throughout its pages to encounter Jesus in very real and personal ways. Jenifer Jernigan teaches you how to not only study the Bible but also to dig deep into its pages so that God can use it to transform your heart and mind. ~Wendy Blight, Author Hidden Joy and Living So That, National Speaker with Proverbs 31 Ministries

In a world where many are hungry for God’s truth, Bible studies that don’t just spoon feed are desperately needed. I so very much appreciate Jenifer’s approach to Bible study in Dive Deeper: Finding Deep Faith Beyond Shallow Religion. Dive Deeper is both challenging and encouraging as Jenifer leads the reader to not only glean from the book of Ephesians but gain confidence to study the Bible for themselves. With a relatable and vulnerable voice, readers will fall in love with Jenifer Jernigan and see her as a teacher and friend. ~Sarah Francis Martin, InScribed Studies author of Just RISE UP!: A Call To Make Jesus Famous. Learn more at www.liveitoutblog.com.

Whether you are new to the faith, or consider yourself a more “seasoned” believer, this study is for you. Based on the book of Ephesians, this study will challenge you to an ever deepening relationship with Jesus. Jenifer’s unique D.I.V.E. method will teach you new and practical ways to dig deeper into Scripture, and will enable you, perhaps for the first time, to discover the beauty and benefit of God’s word. ~Jimmy Carroll, Lead Pastor, Journey Church, Raleigh, North Carolina

As a pastor of a growing church, I long for people not simply to read the Bible but to know what it means and how to live it out. In Dive Deeper, Jenifer Jernigan awakens her readers to what it truly means to move past simply “getting in the Word” to “getting the Word in them.” The reader not only encounters God through the book of Ephesians but also learns tools to understanding all of Scripture. ~Eric Grenier, Pastor, New Life Baptist Church, Auburndale, Florida

I don’t know where to start. The study of Ephesians has allowed me personally to learn to dive into the Word of God! I will be forever thankful for Jenifer’s leadership in teaching me how to do this. I’ve never understood studying the Word of God could be so easy! Yes, I said easy. I made more out of it than I should have because I just didn’t know how to study my Bible, where to start, or how to begin. I now realize that I can do this for myself. ~Marilyn W.

Jenifer’s study, Dive Deeper, not only gave me the tools I needed but more importantly the confidence I needed to study God’s Word on a whole new level. ~Tracy H.

This study is like a treasure hunt where you get to personally conduct the search for the treasures hidden in God’s Word. Jenifer’s study provides every tool necessary for even the newest Christian to dig deep into the Bible. The study is scalable to suit each individual’s needs. You can do as much or as little as you like and still come away with a deeper understanding of Truth. I have done many Bible studies but Jenifer’s study is a departure because it encourages a pattern of studying the Bible that you can apply on your own. Her authenticity and zealousness for God’s Word complements the depth of the truth she shares, while encouraging each student to “dive deeper.” I personally began a commitment to memorizing Scripture after completing this study, and have found this daily habit incredibly beneficial to my prayer life. I was incredibly challenged by her study, and am eagerly awaiting her next one. ~Stephanie B.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember the things we’re learning so we’ve created Dive Deeper Companion d.i.v.e. Cards. These handy-dandy d.i.v.e cards can be tucked away in your Bible for an easy, quick reference tool each time you take a dive into God’s Word.




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Dive Deeper Scripture Memory CoverNot only do we want to help you fall deeply in love with God’s Word, we want to help you implant, embrace, and enact the Word. Through the Dive Deeper Companion Scripture Memory Cards, Jenifer teaches the why’s and how’s of memorizing Scripture using specific verses from the book of Ephesians that are studied in Dive Deeper.




Our passion is not only to help you fall deeply in love with God’s Word, but also to equip you with simple tools to study the Word on your own. We’ve created this wonderful d.i.v.e. downloadable form that will help you keep your notes organized as you study through passages of Scripture using the d.i.v.e. method.




When I sit down to study God’s Word, I need a simple plan (d.i.v.e.) and an organized notebook. Maybe you do as well. Before you get started working through Dive Deeper: Finding Deep Faith Beyond Shallow Religion, I encourage you to create your very own “Dive Deeper Notebook.”




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DIVE DEEPER: Finding Deep Faith Beyond Shallow Religion is part of InScribed, Thomas Nelson’s new collection of books and Bible Studies written by a community of women.

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I’m stepping forward from the shallows into deep, lasting faith in Jesus. @JeniferJernigan in #DiveDeeper Buy now amzn.to/1eEnanE Tweet
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Living deep faith is an overflow of one’s position in Christ. @JeniferJernigan in #DiveDeeper #InScribedStudies amzn.to/1eEnanE Tweet
Our God makes no mistakes and does nothing without purpose. @JeniferJernigan in #DiveDeeper #InScribedStudies Buy now amzn.to/1eEnanE Tweet
We d.i.v.e. deeper into God’s Word so He can dive deeper into us. @JeniferJernigan in #DiveDeeper #InScribedStudies amzn.to/1eEnanE Tweet
God is able to piece back together what’s been broken and give back what’s been taken. @JeniferJernigan in #DiveDeeper amzn.to/1eEnanE Tweet
There’s absolutely nothing that God can’t do. He is ABLE! @JeniferJernigan in #DiveDeeper #InScribedStudies Buy now amzn.to/1eEnanE Tweet
God sees me for what He can make me, not the person I was in my sinful past! @JeniferJernigan in #DiveDeeper amzn.to/1eEnanE Tweet
God has a plan & reason for all your pain. @JeniferJernigan in #DiveDeeper #InScribedStudies Buy now amzn.to/1eEnanE Tweet
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